The quirky seaside city of Brighton, holding a population of approximately 480,000 is one of England’s most visited seaside resorts in the UK. This is understandable as there are many reasons why, with it being only 90km from South London, roughly an hour and a half away. Alongside all the beautiful features visiting Brighton has to offer. Brighton caters to everyone, from exploring attractions such as the Pier, the Royal Pavilion, or the British Airways i360. The city is also home to the fulfilment of cultural treasures as well as high-end shops and hundreds of independent boutiques, a proud football community, and endless chances to grab some indulgent food.

Defined by its location on the UK’s south coast, it presents everything that is loved about the English seaside. Bursting with pleasure seekers, so your weekend getaway plans could be as dancefloor-filled or calming beach walks as you wish. Whether you are here to explore Brighton’s seaside or entice yourself into the history, this town has an overflow of hidden gems just a stone's throw away. If you’re wanting to go to the world’s oldest aquarium, this is your destination. The building was opened to its first-ever visitors in 1872. Which means it’s been open for over 145 years! Today it’s now filled with over 3,500 amazing creatures.

Since 1841, when the railway arrived, Londoners haven’t stopped coming for beach getaways adventuring outside the big city, stepping out going to see all the wonders this seaside town has to offer. The main feature when visiting is Brighton's Palace Pier, with a thrilling fairground laced with amusement rides or a quick adventure into the arcade you can immerse yourself into the seaside experience here. Brighton is said to be the 3rd happiest place to live in the UK according to a recent poll and it’s understandable why. 

When coming to Brighton you really cannot miss The Royal Pavilion which is also nicknamed ‘the pleasure place’ was and still is loved by many. It was commissioned by Prince George VI what is arguably one of the most outstanding buildings in the UK. If this interests you, why not take tour its interiors decked out with amazing French, English, and Chinese style furniture, the exterior was designed to imitate the great Indian architecture of the time. In World War 2 Adolf Hitler wanted to move into the Brighton Pavilion. He even gave specific orders for bombers not to bomb it! He was adamant to have it as a holiday home.

If you are wanting to have some fun by the sea, Brighton Marina is just a place with endless opportunities of things to do, ranging from multiplex cinema, a casino and so much more to offer. Looking for some shopping on the waterfront? No worries, you can shop with a view of the stunning seaside. Maybe you fancy a switch up from the sea on your stay, well why don’t you take a trip down to the lanes with enticing antique shops, vintage clothing stores and galleries, the choice is yours.

There is so many things to do in Brighton it is well worth a visit, or even stay for a few nights. There are many places to stay but we love individual apartments and we have sorted through some of the best ones for you here, Brighton Holiday apartments.

Brighton has so many attributes which are versatile to all, with a strong passion for performing arts and music showcased through venues such as The Brighton Dome and The Brighton Centre. The Brighton Centre is proven to be one of the largest entertainment venues in the southeast. With an array of events ranging from live music to comedy and even talent shows. If you are passionate about the arts, Brighton holds an annual festival during May,  dedicated to mixed arts across the UK. In 1967 where this all began the performing community thought this would be an excellent idea to celebrate the passion, they all have. Throughout the three weeks, it’s jam-packed with premieres, dancing, musical exposes and so much more.

There is plenty to showcase in this town, intriguing bars and restaurants is one of them. They cater to everyone ranging from high end to student-friendly just around the corner we have picked some personal favourites. Starting off with The Ivy, a stunning photogenic restaurant. If it’s the finest cuisines or fancy cocktails this chain of restaurants has both. A new up and coming venue would be Rock Water, searching for somewhere to sit beachside with a coffee in hand or maybe cocktails on the roof terrace, this place is flexible to endless opportunities. Listen to live music, watch movies, health and wellness classes and even in the summer the put-on festivals on the lawns. Only opening in 2020 and already making a great impact on the community. Looking for somewhere closer to the heart of Brighton, why not adventure into the Lanes to The Mesmerist. Just like the Lanes, this bar has all the cool and funky features and weekly entertainment. The Worlds End, fancy a bit of fun? This arcade pub pulls out all the stops. Showcasing remote control racing, craft beers, escape rooms and some excellent BBQ platters.

If you and the family are looking for some fun, Brighton has invigorating activity in-store for you. Laser Zone is perfect to have some great family fun. Or if you are looking to get competitive try some crazy golf with Globalls. There is a great range of escape rooms across Brighton to get your brain ticking. One of our favourites is Pier Pressure Escape Room. With four rooms to get through and only an hour to do it, this one really gets you thinking! a great night out for family and friends

Brighton has a lot to offer and there is plenty of great accommodation in the area, below is a map of some of the many places you can stay whilst visiting the amazing seaside city of Brighton!